How Much Does Physiotherapy Cost in Ontario?

Physiotherapy helps many people recover from injuries or manage chronic pain. In Ontario, the cost of physiotherapy can vary. This article will explain the typical costs of physiotherapy in Ontario and provide pricing information for Gemini Health Group.

Key Takeaways

  • Physiotherapy costs in Ontario can vary widely, with pricing influenced by factors such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the physiotherapist, and the type of treatment required.
  • Gemini Health Group offers competitive pricing for physiotherapy and other healthcare services, making it a cost-effective choice for individuals seeking quality care.
  • Direct billing option at Gemini Health Group facilitates a hassle-free payment process, aiding in managing the financial aspect of your healthcare journey.

Physiotherapy Costs in Ontario

General Pricing:

The cost of physiotherapy services can fluctuate based on the location and the clinic. For instance, at a clinic like Toronto Physiotherapy, the pricing structure is as follows: an initial assessment is priced at $130, while the cost for follow-up sessions is tiered based on the duration—$93 for a 30-minute session, $110 for a 40-minute session, and $144 for a 60-minute session. This pricing structure from Toronto Physiotherapy provides a glimpse into the potential cost one might expect when seeking physiotherapy services in the Ontario region.

Factors Affecting Costs:

Several factors can affect the cost of physiotherapy services including the location of the clinic, the expertise of the physiotherapist, and the type of treatment needed.

Gemini Health Group Physiotherapy & Other Services Pricing

Pricing Structure:

Gemini Health Group offers competitive prices for physiotherapy and other services. Below is a list of prices for various services offered:

Service CategoryService DescriptionPrice
Physiotherapy & Injury PreventionInitial Assessment$120
30 minutes$80
45 minutes$95
ChiropracticInitial Assessment$110
30 minutes$70
45 minutes$80
Registered Massage Therapy30 minutes$65
45 minutes$85
60 minutes$105
75 minutes$125
90 minutes$145
Acupuncture and TCMInitial assessment and treatment$100
Follow Up Treatment$80
Tui-Na Massage (60 minutes)$100
Tui-Na massage (45 minutes)$80
Tui-Na Massage (30 minutes)$60
Naturopathic MedicineInitial Assessment$180
Initial assessment (child under 16)$150
First follow up visit$120
Follow up visit (30 minutes )$85
Follow up visit (15 minutes)$45

Direct Billing at Gemini Health Group

Ease of Payment:

Gemini Health Group offers direct billing, making it easier for patients to handle the payment process.

Insurance Coverage:

Direct billing can help with insurance claims and reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for patients.


This article provided an overview of physiotherapy costs in Ontario and the pricing at Gemini Health Group. The direct billing option at Gemini Health Group can make the payment process simpler for patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of physiotherapy in Ontario?

The average cost of physiotherapy in Ontario can vary widely. For example, at Toronto Physiotherapy, an initial assessment costs $130, while follow-up sessions range from $93 to $144 depending on the duration​.

How does the cost of physiotherapy at Gemini Health Group compare to other clinics in Ontario?

Gemini Health Group offers competitive prices for physiotherapy services. For instance, an initial assessment is priced at $120, which is slightly lower than the $130 charged at Toronto Physiotherapy.

How does direct billing work at Gemini Health Group?

Direct billing at Gemini Health Group simplifies the payment process by billing your insurance provider directly for the services received, reducing the amount you need to pay out-of-pocket.

Alex Gurba

Alex Gurba

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