New Physiotherapy And Wellness Clinic In Town

Welcome to Gemini – A New Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic in Richmond Hill Setting the Bar Higher for The Industry

We are extremely excited to announce that as of September 16th, 2019 we are officially open for business and ready to raise the bar for physiotherapy and chiropractic services should be. We, at Gemini, believe that treatment sessions should be:

  • 1 – on – 1 with your registered therapist for at least 30-60 minutes.
  • They should combine experienced hands-on care, pain management, exercise prescription and above all PATIENT EDUCATION.
  • Be in a private office. 

Our philosophy is that when patients understand what is causing their pain or limiting their performance, they can play a much bigger role in helping themselves reach their goals. We believe that when patients are active participants in their own care because they truly understand what is going on, the goals will be met faster and with FEWER TOTAL VISITS TO THE CLINIC.

Now, to most people, this may sound counter-productive for business (because we all know a clinic is ultimately a business). They may say this isn’t realistic and that it won’t work. But at Gemini, we believe that getting patients better with fewer visits is WHAT GOOD HEALTHCARE SHOULD BE!

We believe that making lots of money from one patient by dragging out their treatment plan and providing band-aid solutions that require them to continue coming into the clinic is wrong.

We believe that a happy and satisfied patient is likely going to tell their friends and family about their impressive and timely results which will bring more people into the clinic and provide sustainable business so that Gemini can stay above water.

We hope that in the long run we are proven right. We hope that a clinic that is based on the principles of proper, ethical and patient-centered healthcare can thrive in a business dominated market. Gemini is owned and operated by physiotherapists that believe that therapists should see one patient at a time and that therapists should have enough time to work with each patient on their goals and not have to rush through appointments to meet the demands of an overbooked schedule.

Gemini Health Group will set the bar higher for the entire industry and will put the patient’s needs first – THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!

Picture of Alex Gurba

Alex Gurba

Meet Alex Gurba, a dedicated and skilled registered physiotherapist and the proud owner of Gemini Health Group. With a deep commitment to providing high-quality and patient-focused care, Alex guides his team towards creating customized treatment plans that yield results. He continuously invests in learning and staying abreast of innovative techniques in physiotherapy to ensure his patients receive the best care possible. As a leader, he fosters a professional atmosphere where the well-being of patients is the top priority. Guided by his passion for helping others, Alex Gurba is transforming lives, one treatment session at a time.

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