Workplace Movement

How many offices do you walk into where the staff is doing star jumps or squats? Or meetings where half the people may be standing? Very few, I assume. Naturally, the question is WHY? Many would say they don’t have time to get up and move and many more would say it’s not socially acceptable. Our team at Gemini Health Group would like to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the norm.

Let’s look at a day in the life of a fulltime ‘sitter’:

  • Wake up & sit to have breakfast
  • Sit whilst commuting to work
  • Sit at work & during lunch
  • Sit whilst commuting home
  • Sit to eat dinner
  • After a long hard day, sit and watch TV or read

Well, what if we told you that short micro-breaks throughout the day not only help you physically but also emotionally and increase your productivity. Studies have consistently shown that having frequent breaks throughout the day can assist with all of these.

All components are linked, if we physically feel better, then emotionally we feel better and we are then more motivated and productive, thus the cycle continues. Sometimes knowing where to start can be difficult. A 30-second walk every hour is a good start, but the physiotherapy team at Gemini Health Group in Richmond Hill is here to help tailor an optimized plan for your personal situation and needs. Just reach out to them.

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